How to Get There

How you get to the Mongkok Ladies Market of course depends on where you are coming from, having just been shopping or from your hotel perhaps.  Being in the city centre it is well provided with different means of transport.  Anywhere close by and walking is probably the best but if you are coming from more distance than walking permits, or if you just don't like walking then there are plenty of ways of using public transport to get to the market.

Here are some common routes:

How to get to Ladies' Market from:

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Star Ferry, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon side
  1. Walk to the T.S.T. MTR station (careful not the TST East station) and take the Tuen Wan line in the Tuen Wan direction as far as the Mong Kok station.  Then exits via exit D3 or E2. More details here.
  2. Outside the Peninsula Hotel take the KMB bus 234X and get off at Shan Tung street in Mong Kok
  1. Easiest to not get lost, but bad idea at rush hour.
  2. Great to see the view out of the bus window, but a bit confusing to know where to get off
Any MTR stations Uses the MTR and go to Mong Kok station (not Mong Kok East). Take the E2 exit and walk along Nathan Road towards Shan Tung Street A bit of walking but simple.
  1. Uses the MTR and go into Hong Kong station (note, not Central Station which is connected to it), then take the fast Tung Chung line towards Tung Chung as far as Nam Cheong, change to the West Rail line as far as Hung Hom and change to the East Rail line and go as far as Mong Kok East.
  2. Walk to Star Ferry and cross the harbour on the ferry, then take one of the routes as above.
  1. Sounds like a complex trip, and it is a little, but it is quite fun (if you like trains)
  2. You get the nice Star Ferry trip thrown in.  Best choice if you like ferries more than trains!
  1. Go to the fire station and go into Canal Road West and wait for bus 171 which will take you all the way there in one go!
  2. Take the MTR on the island line towards Sheung Wan and get off at Central station, take the long inside walk to the Hong Kong station then the route as above from central.
  1. Bus trips can be nice, you get to go in the tunnel.
  2. MTR is safer to not get lost.
Causeway Bay MTR or Bus

See details

Other HK Gov route finder It is a bit clumsy but this tool does know all about public transport in Hong Kong


When leaving the Mongkok MTR station take the Bank Centre Exit:

When you come out at ground level you need to walk forward half a block then you are in the middle of Ladies Market which is running left and right from where you are standing.





While often visited for the view the visitor should not forget that The Market encompasses a wide range of shopping and eating choices. Mongkok is well known for snack food and as well as budget choices.


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