How to Get to Ladies' Market from Nathan Road

Nathan Road is a major artery running through the whole Kowloon peninsular.  For some distance it is parallel to Ladies' Market and quite close, so how to get from one to the other depends exactly on where you are, but most people will be coming from the southern end of the road as that is near the hotels, Star Ferry and Victoria Harbour.

Option 1 - MTR

  1. Follow signs to your nearest MTR station, that will probably be Tsimshatsui Station, or possibly Jordan.  Avoid "East Tsimshatsui Station" which is on the wrong line.
  2. Pay with Octopus or use coins to buy a ticket. It is HK$5.50 for a ticket, or HK$5.20 from your Octopus.
  3. Take the Tsuen Wan line, signed in red, in the direction towards Tsuen Wan.
  4. Travel two stations past Jordan and Yau Ma Tei and alight when you arrive in the Mongkok Station
  5. Take the escalator up from the platform and follow signs toward Exit E, called the Bank Centre exit. When the tunnel splits, turn towards E2.
  6. At street level walk directly away from the MTR exit along Nelson Street, taking care when crossing roads, for one whole block and you will be in the middle of the Ladies Market.

At this point you can turn into the market either to your left or right, both are fine though turning right, southward, will give you more of the market to walk along.

Option 2 - Walk

  1. Walk north along Nathan Road and enjoy the busy street but keep an eye out for the MTR signs.
  2. Pass Jordan MTR station
  3. Pass Yau Ma Tei MTR station
  4. Look for a right turn into Dundas Street
  5. Walk one block and turn left into Tong Choi Street

With this route you arrive right at the southern end of the road, so to explore the market it is simply a matter of walking northward to see all the stalls.


While often visited for the view the visitor should not forget that The Market encompasses a wide range of shopping and eating choices. Mongkok is well known for snack food and as well as budget choices.


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