How to Get to Ladies' Market from Causeway Bay

Causeway Bay is one of the premier retail and entertainment districts in Hong Kong and any visitor to HK will certainly spend some time here, particularly if you enjoy shopping.

It even is home to its own "mini" Ladies' Market in the little alley called Jardine's Crescent, just steps away from the big arcades of Times Square.

But if you want to visit the real Ladies' Market in Mong Kok then you'll need to cross Victoria harbour and come to Tong Choi Street.  There are few practical ways to make the trip, some faster, some more interesting.

For speed and convenience nothing beats the MTR, but as it is all underground you don't see much, and you do have to change trains.

One of the airconditioned CityBus busses is another good choice, taking you directly from Causeway Bay, you can catch it outside Times Square, all the way to the junction of Dundas Street and Nathan Road.  At only 4 stops and costing just HK$5.70 per adult, it is an excellent option.  You do risk getting stuck in traffic though.

Option 1 - MTR

  1. Follow signs to the Causeway Bay MTR station
  2. Take the escalator down to the ticket machines
  3. Buy a ticket, or use your Octopus to go through the turnstile
  4. Take another escalator down and follow signs for Kennedy Town
  5. Board an Island Line train towards Kennedy Town
  6. Go past Wanchai then alight at Admiralty
  7. Cross the platform, do not go up or down, and board a Tsuen Wan line train.
  8. Alight at the fourth stop, Mong Kok.
  9. Leave the station via the Bank Centre exit, signed E and then E2
  10. Outside the station walk directly away for 50 meters to the junction with Tong Choi Street
  11. You have arrived at Ladies' Market!

This point, at the junction of Nelson Street and Tong Choi Street, is near the middle of the market. Turn right or left to enjoy the market, with one quarter on the left and three quarters on the right.

Option 2 - Bus

  1. Find the 112 bus stop behind Times Square, under the Canal Road flyover
  2. Board the bus and pay HK$9.30 by Octopus or exact change
  3. Alight at the fourth stop, Nathan Road and Dundas Street
  4. Walk forward to the cross and cross the street
  5. Take the turning into Dundas Street
  6. Walk along Dundas Street until you reach Tong Choi Street
  7. You have reached the beginning of the Ladies' Market

This route means you arrive at the end of the Market, or the beginning if you prefer to think of it like that. Then a whole market is in front of you all the way up to Argyle Street!


While often visited for the view the visitor should not forget that The Market encompasses a wide range of shopping and eating choices. Mongkok is well known for snack food and as well as budget choices.


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